Satellite Studio

Est. 2016 Phaung Daw Oo Monastic School, Mandalay - Myanmar


In 2011 MSI donated a much needed guitar to one of the students (Chico) at Phuang Daw Oo Monastic High School in Mandalay.  In 2016 MSI returned to find that Chico had become a guitar teacher at the school. He was also writing his own songs and making his own music videos on his mobile phone. The seed was growing. A fund was set up and MSI’s donors responded, enabling us to buy a small computer, microphone and audio interface for Chico’s room. We trained Chico on some recording software and asked him to send in the results. You can see his solo music video ‘I’m Ready’, on this site by clicking here. Below are the songs he has written and recorded by himself and with friends at 'Tune Studios’. Nice work Chico (‘Tune'). Keep it coming!



I Love You…One

Dream in World

Nainkyainnar Oo Ma LAr

Yhaung Par

Min Thi Yae Lar


A Iwan Dan Yar


Main Ka Lay